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Caller ID and Caller ID Block

Caller ID displays the name and telephone number (if available) for incoming calls on any Caller ID enabled device or telephone. For calls that you place from a BasicTalk™ telephone number, the telephone number is displayed if this feature is supported by the service of the person you are calling.

Caller ID is turned on automatically with your BasicTalk service. 

  • BasicTalk does not display your name along with your phone number on outgoing calls.
  • Caller ID is automatic and cannot be turned off.
  • You cannot block a specific phone number from calling your BasicTalk service at this time.

Using Caller ID Block, you can turn off outbound Caller ID display for a single call or turn Caller ID off or on for all outbound calls.

Cost: Included with your calling plan

Turn Caller ID On and Off

Turn Off for a Single Call 
  1. Dial *67.
  2. Enter the phone number that you want to call. Caller ID is enabled again once you hang up the call. 
Turn Off and On from Your Online Account

Helpful Hints

  • BasicTalk Caller ID (as well as most in the industry) has a 15 character limit for the display. Both your last name and the initial of your first name are displayed when you place a call, if your last name is less than 12 characters in length.  
  • If you use Caller ID Block for outbound calls, the word Anonymous, Private Caller or Private is displayed.
  • You cannot block a specific phone number from calling your BasicTalk service at this time.

How I Use Caller ID with Name...

I remember when the industry first introduced Caller ID.  I thought it was one of the best ideas ever as I am constantly on the phone with family and friends.  Still, there are some days when I prefer not to talk to everyone, but need to talk to a few.  It is so easy to look at the Caller ID display and make a decision about whether to take the call or not.

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