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Number Transfer FAQs

How do I keep my existing my phone number?
When you sign up for service online or activate a retail purchase, you are offered the option to transfer an existing phone number. If you choose to transfer your phone number after you have signed up or activated your retail purchase, follow instructions to Change Your Phone Number.

How long does it take to transfer my number?
Once we have receive your completed number transfer form, the process can take up to 10 business days.  We provide you with a temporary phone number and while you wait for the transfer to complete, you check status of the transfer as well as make and receive calls.

I misplaced my temporary phone number.  Can I retrieve it?
Yes.  Just sign in to your Online Account and it is listed under Account Status in the right side bar, along with other details about your number transfer.

How do I check the status of my number transfer?
Sign in to your Online Account and look under Account Status in the right sidebar.  Click Check Transfer Status or Information Needed to determine progress of the number transfer or whether there are issues that require your attention.

How do I make and receive calls while my number is transferring?
Once you hear the dial tone on the phone connected to your BasicTalk Box, you can start making calls.  Any incoming call to your temporary phone number or any call from another BasicTalk phone number to the phone number you are transferring rings the phone attached to your BasicTalk Box.  Any incoming call from a non-BasicTalk phone number to the number you are transferring rings the phone number of your prior service, if it is still active.

Do I need to contact my previous phone company to close my account once the number transfer completes?
It is common practice for most telephone companies to cancel your account when the phone number transfers to a new provider.  You can contact your previous provider once to the number transfer completes to confirm that you account was cancelled.

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